Super Stickman Golf 2 – An Amazing Hole In One

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Never a dull moment | Exquisite hole design | Phenomenal multiplayer modes | Outstanding design

Can be a bit frustrating | One shot can ruin a game | Could use more friendly physics

Super Stickman Golf takes the traditional slow moving game of golf, and turns it into a fast paced arcade game with crazy courses, simple controls, and insane shots. Now, the sequel is available which amps up every aspect of the original to give you tons more to do with brand new challenges. All of the best aspects remain, but now there are 20 new dynamic courses with moving level elements. Super Stickman Golf is always known for crazy shots, and in the sequel you now need to perform shots while riding on platforms making timing paramount.

Super Stickman Golf 2 takes the original to all new heights with even more outlandish courses where every shot plays such an important role. An entire round can be saved or ruined as you aim for risky slivers in the layouts. The best part of the game is the level design with such ornate holes that perfectly balance puzzle, action, and classic golf. There’s so much challenge involved whether it’s moving platforms, sticky walls, icy slopes, magnetic points, and much more. To increase the strategy, you also have seven power-ups to use per course ranging from the classic mulligan and sticky ball to hazard shifting and mid-air brake balls.

All of the action is enhanced with customizable characters allowing you to outfit your character with special abilities, and unique hats to enhance your golfing ability. The single player mode alone would make the game well worth it, but there are two online multiplayer modes as well. The race mode returns for even more hectic action as you try to be the first to make it to the cup with live head to head golfing combat with up to three other players through Game Center, and seven others in local multiplayer. Your heart will definitely start pumping faster as you try to beat everyone else moving at fast speeds to sink the hole first. The game also features a turn based multiplayer mode allowing you to play head to head at your own pace hole by hole. The game perfectly lends itself towards turn based action, and the three different game modes simply provide so much enjoyment. The graphics, soundtrack, and controls are all finely tuned as well to round out a brilliantly designed package.

Super Stickman Golf 2 ($0.99, Universal) is an action packed experience with every single aspect designed so well. There’s simply so much to enjoy with hours of action packed entertainment with unique challenges across each exceptional mode. Super Stickman Golf 2 is an absolute must that delivers a hole in one of iOS gaming.


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