SuperRope – A New Great Endless Game

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3/5

Engaging, fast paced, and fun gameplay | Outstanding design

High thresholds for unlockables | Gameplay is a bit repetitive

Game Info

APP NAME: SuperRope

DEVELOPER(S): Craneballs Studios

GENRE(S): Endless, Action

RELEASE DATE(S): July 14th, 2011

Most casual endless games have you jumping, but SuperRope has you climbing for as long as you can. Your character climbs up the rope, and you tap to jump between ropes because the ropes only stretch for a limited distance. As you’re bouncing between rope fragments you try to collect coins while dodging monsters at the end of ropes, falling pianos, and pieces of land jutting out. Luckily, to counteract the obstacles there are power-ups scattered about giving you a rocket boost, helicopter cap, helmet, or coin magnet. There are also bonus coin packages, and your distance traveled plus coins collected creates your score.

SuperRope is simple fun that you can play in short bursts or extended periods of time, and enjoy yourself no matter what. The game is nice and challenging, but never discourages the player from playing again. You can restart practically instantaneously to keep you climbing, and there’s always a random level arrangement. You simply tap either side of the screen to jump left or right making it super easy to play. The game has a great pace so that there’s never a dull moment, but it never feels out of hand. There are also three difficulties for all kinds of players.

The best aspect of SuperRope is that it’s free to download, and supported with in-app purchases. There are funky coins to collect and earn based upon your performance which you can use to buy new characters, environments, and power-up upgrades. You can simply use real money to buy funky coins, or you can earn your way to it, though that will take a long time. You average about 20 coins per play, and you need at least 1000 for a new item. Still though, the game does keep you at it, so you’ll earn a surprising amount because of the engaging nature of the game.

SuperRope (Free, iPhone) is one of the best casual endless games there is, and ranks right up there with Mega Jump as the best of the category. It’s such a different style with the tapping to shift where you climb, instead of just tilting to guide a jumper. The game also has a great colorful art style, and a soundtrack that fits the pace and style of the game.

SuperRope is a great free download, and you’ll want to play it a bunch even if you never get another environment or character. The fact that you can play for free and then buy or work your way to more variability is a great option and freemium style.


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