Sushi Go – A Tasty New Card Game For iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Intriguing card based strategy | Fits well on iOS | Easy online connectivity

Could use more card types | Game strategy can blend together a bit


Sushi comes in many varieties, and that allows for a game all about gathering different forms of Sushi. Sushi Go! is a card game that assigns point values to each sushi dish, and tasks each player with collecting the most amount of points. The game is ported from a physical card deck, and a lot has gone into making the expereince truly fit on iOS. You’re given a conveyor belt of Sushi dishes, and you can simply tap, hold, and drag an item on to your table. You can grab one item per turn, and then see what each of your opponents picks. There are three rounds in each game, and the player with the most points at the end wins.
Sushi Go is all about understanding what each dish is worth, and trying to make every pick as valuable as possible. Each dish has its own strategy, so you will need three shashimis, or two tempuras, or the most maki rolls. If you end up with less than the target, then the sushi dishes you have will be worth nothing, so you always want to target sets that you feel that you can complete. Not only that, but you may want to try to grab a certain item to prevent your opponent from completing a set. There are other dishes as well including dumplings that multiply, nigiri that get a bonus on wasabi, and pudding that offers an end of game bonus. You can also pick up chopsticks to get two items in one turn later on.

Sushi Go gives you multiple ways to play with single player against one, two, three, or four computer opponents. There’s also Game Center online multiplayer against friends or random players. No matter which way you choose to play, it’s a fun card based challenge with different ways to play in each round and each game. Each turn has multiple possibilities, and you need to really think about the dish layout to see what you can complete. The only drawback is that the game leaves you wanting more types of sushi dishes to change up what to aim for. Perhaps an expansion deck will come in a future update, but as of now the set-up can grow stale pretty quickly.

Sushi Go ($4.99, Universal) delivers an entertaining card based challenge that is well worth picking up.

$4.99, Universal


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