Swackett – Weather Apps Have Never Looked So Good

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Usability: 5/5
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A great take on weather apps | Simple and complex weather forecasts in one | Great design

Would be nice to see more style | Alerts are included, but not push notifications

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APP NAME: Swackett


GENRE(S): Weather

RELEASE DATE(S): October 15th, 2011

All weather apps are pretty much the same right? Wrong, once you take a look at Swackett, which provides a clear and easy to understand weather forecast. Swackett doesn’t give a compilation of numbers, pictures of clouds and sun, or animated weather effects. Instead you’re simply given people figures that are dressed appropriately for the current weather conditions. When it’s warm out you’re shown characters with shorts, short sleeve shirt, and hat or sunblock. When it’s more on the mild side you see a light jacket, and when it’s downright cold it’s time for a full on coat.

When you really think about why we care about the weather, it comes down to being prepared for the conditions. When it’s cold we want to know that to bring a jacket, and when it’s hot we want to know to wear shorts. Knowing the weather is about knowing what to wear, and Swackett completely understands that. Beyond the weather attire on the characters you also get to see the high or low, and what it feels like. At the bottom you have options to see current conditions, today’s high, today’s low and tomorrow’s forecast.

The neatest aspect is that you turn your iPhone horizontally, and then you’re given the hourly forecast for today, and the five day forecast. You can tap on any square in the forecast to see temperature real feel, humidity, dew point and wind speed and direction. In the horizontal mode you also have access to animated Doppler radars from accuweather.com showing major city view, state view, regional view, and national view. There are also severe weather warnings, and this is one of the few apps that provides simple forecasts and complex weather features in one. You also have the ability to adjust the settings what temperatures define warm, cold, etc. to give you the dress attire indications.

Swackett (Free, iPhone) provides everything you could want in a weather app, and gives plenty of personality too. It’s quick to check what the temperature means to prepare for the day, and you can go more in-depth with detailed stats, forecasts, and radars. The app also includes tidbits about what you can do with the weather, and there are multiple outfits to swipe through for male and female. The app is free to enjoy with minimal ads, and you have the choice to remove the ads for an in-app purchase. There’s also a fifties mode for $0.99 with fifties attire for each weather condition.

Swackett is simply the best iPhone weather app which provides everything you could want in a wonderfully designed package. It’s a must buy, and the only weather app that provides easy to understand conditions and complex weather features in one app.


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