Swing Racers – Burning Rubber, And Your Fingers On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Intuitive and precise touch controls | Fast paced arcade racing action

Only 15 races | Cut scenes break the flow of a race

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There are a ton of racing games in the App Store, and yet there’s always room for new ideas. Swing Racers gives you an all new way to race as you simply drag your finger on the screen to essentially pull your car along. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Swing Racers reinvents the touch control scheme, a bit similar to the nuanced Slingshot Racing. Swing Racers is all about micro machine racing like Table Top Racing as you guide tiny cars through toy rooms, across kitchen counters, and over pool tables. There are 15 tracks included around the house with even new tracks through the same environments for a fresh race.
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Swing Racers delivers fast paced racing action as you don’t have to worry about a steering wheel, gas pedal, or brake. Instead it’s go, go, go and the father you pull your finger away from the car, the faster it goes. The game is all about speed with an arcade style that lets you drift around corners, bounce off obstacles, and activate power-ups. Each race is against three other opponents, and you can run over power-ups to turn the tables including a fire blast, freeze, speed boost, bumper car, and electric shock. The best part is that you can go from first to last, and last to first in no time at all to keep the races continuously engaging and chaotic.

The most surprising aspect of Swing Racers is that the control scheme allows for a great deal of precision to drive your car exactly where you want. The game looks great with a 3D design that uses the Unreal Engine to depict the household environments in great detail. As an added bonus, each race includes multiple objectives including collecting stars, destroying opponents, and beating the clock to give you more than just a race for first. One problem is that there are only 15 races to play through. Also, there are portions of the race that are animated cut scenes that break the flow of the action and lead to a delayed resume to action when you can control again. Finally, your finger may start to burn with the constant need to drag and shift your finger on screen.

Swing Racers ($2.99, Universal) is an all new way to race that is easy to recommend.

$2.99, Universal


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  1. middleyjo June 21, 2015 at 5:17 PM -

    At least it sounds like the little cut-scenes give your burning finger a break! 🙂

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