Tangled FX – Photo Effects That Truly Stand Out

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Beautiful creations | Great to see in action | Want to try each filter on every photo

Another photo effects app | Like the rest of these apps, it does have a relatively short shelf life

Photo effects apps are a dime a dozen in the App Store with too many to count, and most simply blending together. Tangled FX is the newest entrant, and is has a brand new style in an attempt to truly stand out. The app transforms your photos right before your eyes with a tangled arrangements of strokes, strings, and swirls for a style you have never seen before. There are 16 unique filters to apply, and the best part is that you can tweak them with eight fine tuning sliders.
The results are truly amazing to behold, and the app is actually fun to use just because it’s always so great to see the unique results. You can add photos from your camera roll or take new ones, and then share or save your tangled photo. This is one of the few apps where you’ll actually want to go through each filter for a particular photo, because each one can change the design completely. In fact, it’s tough to pick which one looks the best, but luckily you can save multiple tangled versions of the same photo.

Whether it’s fibers, swirls, brushes, webbed, or other effects, they each craft such an intriguing way to look at your photos that seem to offer more depth. Your photos truly pop, and soon you will want a separate folder in your camera roll for tangled versions. The results are ones that you’ll definitely be proud to share, and these effects are ones you can’t find anywhere else. There’s also a very slick translucent interface to fit in with iOS 7.

Tangled FX ($1.99, Universal) is a top notch photo effects app that truly stands out in a crowded App Store, and provides such value making it worth picking up.


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