Temple Run 2 – A Worthy Successor To The Throne

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Enhanced everything on top of same great base | Even more engaging than the original

Not ground breaking | Catches up to the clones, doesn't surpass

Temple Run is an App Store phenomena like no other that introduced a brand new style for endless runners, and that style has been copied so many times. Temple Run came out back in August of 2011, and by App Store terms it’s relatively ancient, and it has been surpassed by new 3D endless runners. Imangi understood this, and that’s why today sees the release of Temple Run 2, a brand new sequel to everyone’s favorite 3D endless runner. The base elements return allowing you to swipe, and tilt to move your runner, but everything else is brand new.

The biggest new addition is a brand new environment pitting you up on the mountain tops running from a sky temple. There’s also forest runs, and rather than long straight-aways, the course is filled with peaks and valleys. The new environments look absolutely gorgeous with a vastly improved graphics engine that truly shines at the high speeds you’re running at. There are brand new details in the surroundings as well with abandoned ruins, spiked barrels, carved mountains, and more to run past.

The gameplay isn’t ground breaking, but it is enhanced over the original due to the varied landscape you’re running across, and brand new obstacles. The most noticeable new additions are zip lines, and mine carts to ride on, and both aspects use tilt extremely well, while tying so well to Indiana Jones’ roots. There are also new objectives, more power-ups, and other unlockables to keep you running. The one major drawback is that the upgrades cost more of the in-game currency as Temple Run 2 was designed for freemium from the get go, while the original launched as a paid app, and was reborn with just a few freemium elements. The new payment structure doesn’t inhibit your enjoyment, but it is a more restrictive element.

Temple Run 2 (Free, Universal) maintains everything that made the original great, while enhancing the rest to provide an even more engaging, and thrilling run. Temple Run 2 is a worthy successor that provides brand new incentive to get hooked on Temple Run all over again.


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