Tennis in the Face – Serving An Ace To Your Face

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Action packed puzzle gameplay | Highly polished designed | Great ragdoll physics

Gameplay style has been seen before | Scoring system is revealed after level completion

It’s not football in the groin, but rather tennis ball in the face for even more devastating hits. Tennis in the Face is a new game from 10tons, and delivers familiar gameplay as you hit tennis balls around the level, and they ricochet off walls in an attempt to hit every enemy on screen. The gameplay has been seen before in games like Bounce Bullet, Stupid Zombies, and Ricochet Rampage, but as they did with the match three games, 10tons adds all new elements to an existing genre. Tennis in the Face begins with a story about former tennis champ Pete Pagassi, whose career was derailed by the energy drink Explodz, and is now on a mission to destroy the company.

In each of the more than 100 levels, you aim your serve to do the most damage by setting off chain reactions. The entirety of each level is on one screen, and there are the usual multiple enemies to hit with your bouncing tennis ball. As you advance, there are more unique elements to contend with that are both good and bad whether it’s explosions from Explodz cans, or ball stopping glass. The entire level set-up is like King Oddball with various regions to travel between on the map, and in this case each one introduces a different set of enemies with unique challenges.

The best part of the game is the ragdoll physics engines for some absolutely hilarious reactions to a tennis ball in the face or an explosion from an Explodz can. The entire game is bursting with polish with great art design, and finely tuned physics engine. The level design is also exquisite so levels are set-up for some nice chain reactions. The game is perfect for pick up and play, so once you start, you’ll just want to keep playing through all of the levels, and there’s nice one handed gameplay. One really neat feature is that time slows down when the level ends, and you can grab a close up screenshot of the last enemy being knocked silly.

Tennis in the Face ($0.99, Universal) is another expertly designed game from 10tons that delivers such engaging gameplay along with outstanding design for a should buy. This one is fun and funny, and definitely an ace serve.


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