Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin – Latches On, And Won’t Let Go

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

A brilliantly crafted game | A deluxe advert | Outstanding level design | Great touch controls

Some quick sequences, but can't move that quick | Controls can be hampered on iPhone

Gaming on iOS has become rather bland lately with so many games blending together being based on existing hits in the App Store. When a completely new game comes along though, you take notice, and that’s exactly what Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin is. It’s a game like no other in the App Store delivering a deluxe adventure through the body of a mad scientist with a dolphin head. You play as a four limbed creature moving through the blood vessels, intestines, and inner workings of the mad scientist.

There’s a very touch friendly control scheme to move your creature as you simply tap where you want to move, and one limb is moved with each tap. It’s like moving Doc Ock, and it fits so well with touch as well as the environment since your moving through the passageways of the body. The game features 40 levels that introduce spinning blades, spiked walls, detonating cells, peptic acid, and huge boss battles. There are also little cells to eat and collect as well as other lifeforms that you tap on to rip out their eyes. It’s also great to witness the adventure unfold with beautiful retina quality artwork that is reminiscent of Spore.

The entire time you’re playing you can just tell and thoroughly appreciate how much work went into the game. The gameplay is balanced extremely well for such an engaging and enjoyable experience that balances the challenge nicely. The level design is absolutely superb, and there so much variation that you never know what’s next, especially as the levels move since they’re intestines & vessels. There’s also speed and damage challenge sections in the middle of levels, and each level has a three star scoring system based on collectibles, deaths, and the given challenge.

Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin ($0.99, Universal) will latch on to you, and won’t let go as it instantly enters the top tier of iOS games. Tentacles is an absolute must buy that really nails every single aspect while delivering such a captivating experience that you will enjoy every minute of.


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