The 9/11 Memorial: Past, Present and Future – Never Forget

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September 11th is upon us, and it’s an infamous day in America history that we should never forget. The official 9/11 memorial opened two years ago on the ten year anniversary, and there’s an iPad app specifically made to honor 9/11 and the memorial. The 911 Memorial, Past, Present, And Future app was released in 2011, but it’s worth talking about every year on the anniversary of  September 11th.

The app truly embodies its name as it delivers the past, present, and future of the Twin Towers site from the construction of the buildings, to the attacks, and memorial. The app is the work of Steve Rosenbaum, who made the documentary, 7 Days In September. The app has over 40 videos including footage of erecting the Twin Towers and daily life at the buildings. It progresses to show the chilling footage of the attacks and aftermath, all the way to the rebirth of clearing the site and constructing the memorial. There is a super smooth interface allowing you to explore each section of the past, present, and future.

In each tab you gain access to a description combined with high resolution photos, and the videos for that section. There is also a timeline view allowing you to scroll through the news over the past ten years. The best aspect of the app is that it focuses on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza and Twin Pools, “Reflecting Absence”, by Architect Michael Arad. Rather than dwelling on the past, the app brings to life the backstory and ideas behind what is now at the Twin Tower site. You really get an in-depth look at the memorial in a way that gives you as much information as you can get without actually visiting the site in person.

Going through all the photos and videos is well worth your time, and you can tell each one is chosen with such great care. The photos are beautiful, and capture each moment as well as a single shot can. All of the multimedia content seems perfectly suited for the iPad, and I can’t imagine this book in any other format. The 911 Memorial, Past, Present, And Future is unparalleled in the App Store when it comes to meaning and conveying that meaning through wonderful app design.

The 911 Memorial, Past, Present, And Future ($0.99, iPad) is a great app for the anniversary of September 11th, and any time of year to never forget.


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