The Bowling Dead – The Pins Are Coming Right At You

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2/5

Fast paced action | Nice 3D design | Moving bowling pins

Nothing that really stands out | Repetitive nature | Not bad, just not good

There’s all types of zombie killing games, and The Bowling Dead is a brand new version that has you killing zombies with a bowling ball. With normal bowling the pins don’t move, but in the Dead Bowling the pins are coming right at you, and there’s more to fear than a seven ten split. The zombies come in large numbers as well, and you can bowl down doubles, turkeys, and more zombie killing combos. Also, instead of being set-up like a bowling game with ten frames, there are actually 40 stages that include boss battles, new locations, and a storyline.

In addition to the campaign, there’s also an endless mode, and both feature a huge arsenal of weaponry to unlock. There are various types of bowling balls including bombs, chainsaws, and disco balls to go after the zombies. If you don’t bowl down the zombies before they reach you, they’ll run up into your face, and you’ll need to play a swiping based mini-game to get rid of them. Every single ball you bowl is controlled by smooth touch controls allowing you to precisely adjust for power and spin with a swipe of your finger.

There’s no doubt that The Bowling Dead is packed with features, but the gameplay is still relatively rudimentary. The game is nicely designed with 3D art style, but it becomes bland as you simply swipe the screen over and over to dispose of the zombies. It’s a surprisingly passive experience that doesn’t engage you to the point of wanting to play through all 40 levels. There are some level variations including two alley lanes to defend against at once, and the game does become quite hectic. It’s really a tough balance as the game has certain aspects to like, but seems uninspired leaving the player with a run of the mill experience.

The Bowling Dead (Free, Universal) is worth skipping as it doesn’t really stand out to make it worth your time.


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