The Everything Machine – Creating Contraptions With Ease

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Accessible style | Numerous functions to test out | A lot of creative potential

Some functions overlap | Would be nice to have some goals

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Your iOS device is quite capable with a lot of utilities that aren’t always used. The Everything Machine by Tinybop is a new kid’s app designed to create contraptions that take advantage of various iOS utilities. The app makes it easy to use the device’s camera, microphones, speakers, accelerometer, and more. There are numerous built-in functions, and you just need to drag and drop them into place to create the different functions.
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The Everything Machine by Tinybop provides a visual programming language that is accessible for kids, and all ages. There are numerous possibilities as you piece the individual functions together to create complex machines. For example, you can grab the live camera feed that is activated by motion, and automatically save the video to the camera roll to see any potential culprits trying to access your diary. You can also set-up a music system that can be activated by
switches or buttons. The app also supports creating a kaleidoscope, voice disguiser, stop motion camera, and much more.

The app comes with five pre-built templates that include video tutorials to provide an introduction to the various components. From there, the creativity can flow with so many possible connections that can all be created by just dragging and dropping. There are five categories of components from routers to outputs. It’s great to see an app that offers complex abilities through simple ideas to let kids bridge the idea of how working contraptions piece together. There is some overlap in the capabilities, and it would be nice to see more specific goals beyond the main sandbox option. The creativity engine is great, but having more focus can give more incentive for kids to build even more complex creations.

The Everything Machine by Tinybop ($2.99, Universal) delivers a finely crafted creation engine that is well worth picking up.

$2.99, Universal


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