The Executive – Ordering A Monstrous Beatdown

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Outstanding touch controls for new age brawler | Fast paced and fun filled action | Great design

Some fights can be a bit repetitive | Occasional miss when trying to block rather than attack

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Executives are usually locked away in their fancy corner offices removed from the day to day grind, and the challenges of the working class. The Executive is a new iOS game that puts one executive on a particular challenging scenario of dealing with a company overrun by monsters. It’s time to get your hands dirty and get into bare knuckle brawls with werewolves, minotaurs, possessed blobs, demon fairies, boxing warthogs, and a whole bunch more. The Executive is a combat game first and foremost with a control scheme made for touch, and a quality art style that builds upon the developers first game, Pizza vs Skeletons.
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Rather than tapping on a virtual button array, you control The Executive with just one touch and yet you still have a lot of control at your fingertips. The screen is split into four main tap targets allowing you to tap high or low in front of the executive for an attack, or behind for a block. The variation comes in the sliding techniques allowing you to swipe in a straight line or diagonally between two touch points to activate a special move with tons of them to unlock. The best part is that the game seems to always recognize exactly what you want to do thanks to large tappable areas and a great recognition system. The touch controls are so intuitive, and it gives you a greater feel of really giving these enemies a beatdown. Action packed combat games are possible on iOS, and it just takes some ingenuity which The Executive clearly shows.

The Executive features 120 levels of brawling action with each one composed of a few intense fights. In between each battle, there’s an auto-runner set-up in which you swipe the given directions at the proper time to perform stunts to run on to the next fight. It’s a nice change of pace that keeps the fast paced action going through the entirety of a level. The fighting is the definite highlight though, and it seems to be even more enjoyable with the wide variety of monsters to face off against. There are over 50 different enemies with each one incorporating a different skill set to give you a little strategy to think of in your fights. The Executive is designed to not just be a button masher, and instead there’s a little thought involved with each move aiming for top or bottom, focus on defending, or going for a special move with a limited energy meter.
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What really makes The Executive stand out is that it’s not just a brawler, and instead adds extra layers. You can earn money, since you’re running a business, and that includes mining for more currency with various positions to hire to increase your earnings. All the money you earn from mining and fighting can be used to improve your skills and mining to earn even more with an RPG upgrade type system. The heart of game is a great fighting system made for touch, and it’s accented with extra mechanics as well as a great design. There’s an artful style visual design that is animated in a 2D side scrolling set-up to offer a visual treat. Again, a lot has gone into making each fight that much more immersive and enjoyable to give you a great feel for beating down monsters.

The Executive ($2.99, Universal) is a ton of fun with an outstanding touch control scheme to deliver a new era of brawlers on iOS that is an absolute must have experience.

$2.99, Universal


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