The Gods: Rebellion – Smashing Everything In Sight

2.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 2.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Deluxe 3D graphics | Action packed combat

Bland and repetitive button mashing | No flow to the combat | Nothing original

There are quite a few 3D action adventure games with intense graphics on iOS whether it’s Bastion, Hero of Sparta, Wild Blood, Wraithborne, and more. The Gods: Rebellion is the latest of the ilk, and another of the God of War style games. It’s powered by the Unreal Engine, and delivers a deluxe campaign with seven large scale worlds. The game is all about smashing everything that moves either with a flourish of punches, or a devastating blade.

The style has been seen before, so the gameplay is familiar as you battle a group of enemies in a section until you defeat them all to move on to the next. There are stretches of dodging obstacles rather than battling enemies, and finally you reach a boss to conclude a chapter of the familiar storyline. The enemies are rather passive allowing you to mostly be on the offensive, and you simply need to keep smashing the virtual controls. The main attack button automatically attacks the closest enemy, so most of the game is repetitive button mashing.

There are virtually no distinguishing qualities of The Gods: Rebellion, and it’s such a bland experience as you simply go through the motions tapping the various attack buttons. The biggest problem is that the combat sequences are quite rigid so your attacks don’t flow as you would expect. After four different attack combinations the bar is reset which kills all the previous flow of your attacks. It ends up feeling ragged, and that’s on top of an uninspired cookie cutter style storyline, level layout, and gameplay design. The 3D graphics are good, but by no means stand out, and you’re left with a monotonous tap fest.

The Gods: Rebellion ($0.99, Universal) is boring above all else and is one to steer clear of unless you like being a glutton for punishment.


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