The Room – An Engrossing Experience Like No Other

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Such an intriguing mystery | Beautiful 3D design | A desire to finish

Zooming in and out is a bit tedious | Can get a bit frustrating

It’s great to come across games that don’t fit into any particular mold or genre. The Room is one such game as it delivers a mystery wrapped in an enigma to create a mind bending puzzle game for iOS. The mysterious puzzle game is also delivered through an immersive 3D tactile world that is perfectly made to be touched to explore each puzzle. Inside The Room is an intricate chest that features puzzles on each panel to solve to find out what’s inside.

Within the chest is a hexagonal wood box that features six sides with various puzzles on each side to solve. There’s almost a nesting doll type structure, and you need to keep solving puzzles to slowly, but surely work your way deeper into the mystery. Each puzzle is based on finding the little out of place elements on the box. For instance, there are four symbols you need to fill out, and each one is printed in a different location on the box. Every new puzzle requires you to scour the same image on the box, looking for anything at all that could potentially help you move forward.

The 3D design is top tier quality with such ornate craftsmanship applied to the box, and so much detail packed into the 3D design. As stated earlier, the touch control makes it effortless to move about the box, and then tap in to inspect an object at close range. The best part of The Room is that is creates an actual experience that immerses you into the mystery. It’s so easy to pick up, and start playing, but the game hooks you in almost instantaneously. Once you start though, you will absolutely want to keep going to unravel the mystery that is unlike anything else around. There’s also an optional hint system is you truly get stumped.

The Room ($1.99, iPad / $1.99, iPhone) is a completely unique, and engrossing iOS experience that is a must buy by offering the total package.


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