The Room Three – Love Getting Lost For The Third Time

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Immersive and engaging puzzles | Beautiful 3D design | Outstanding touch controls

Virtually flawless | Not the toughest puzzles

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Prepare to enter a series of puzzle filled rooms for the third time in The Room Three. The Room and The Room Two are a couple of stand outs with superb 3D craftsmanship and tactile touch interaction. That continues in The Room Three, but with an all new storyline and landscape that presents you with a much bigger place to explore. You don’t need to be familiar with the first two to jump in and start enjoying number three, though if you played The Room before, you may have already picked up the third installment.
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The Room Three sends you to an island estate complete with light tower, clock tower, and multi-room buildings. You’re given notes by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman” to push you forward through solving everything that is thrown your way. The game is all about finding anything you can interact with, and then seeing if there’s a puzzle to be solved on hand, or if you need to go find another piece. The tactile touch interaction has been taken up a notch as you twist keys, flip switches, open panels, and spin dials with your finger. The 3D graphics design delivers even more detail as you’re presented with intricately crafted boxes and ornately set-up rooms. There’s an immersive style that puts you in the room to face these challenges, and truly look and interact with anything to help you out.

The biggest new addition in The Room Three is the continuous experience across a greatly expanded location. Every solution and movement through the estate includes one continuous camera shot to clearly present the flow forward. Whether you double tap to zoom in, pinch to zoom out, or sit and watch an animated sequence, there’s always a string that connects everything. The continuous flow keeps you constantly engaged in the action, and makes it extremely difficult to stop playing. You can get lost going from puzzle to puzzle in each room, and it’s all presented with wide appeal with the pick up and play textile touch interaction. This is the type of game that once you get started, you will be drawn to reach the ending. Each new area you unlock whets your appetite to continue, and it’s great to see each individual solution come together, nevertheless the entire journey.
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The core puzzle adventure style of The Room series continues to be fine tuned to culminate what we have in The Room Three. There’s a logical structure to every single part of the game so that the puzzles, unlockable boxes, and interactive items all connect. As you examine different parts of each room, there is an identifiable path so that when you find an item, you know where to go to. The game also balances the difficulty nicely, so that it never feels too easy or too hard, and just a consistent challenge to keep your mind occupied. Rather than being frustrated, you are always prepared to find a solution, even if it takes a bit longer from time to time. There are more challenging puzzle adventures out there, but that’s mainly because there’s a disconnect between what you collect, and where that item goes, which The Room Three expertly avoids. The best part is reaching a box, and proceeding to unearth a dozen different panels and clues with beautiful rendering of each shift in the box.

The Room Three ($4.99, Universal) is virtually flawless to create a thoroughly immersive and engaging iOS experience that is an absolute must have.

$4.99, Universal


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