The Room Two – A Mesmerizing Touch Adventure

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 5/5
Duration: 5/5

Completely engrossing | Brilliant 3D design | Realistic & intuitive touch controls | Lengthy

Similar puzzle mechanics to the original | A little less depth into each object


A room is a part of the inside of a building that is divided from other areas by walls and a door and that has its own floor and ceiling. The Room is a particular place that sets the stage for one of the best iOS games of 2012. In 2013, there’s The Room Two, which takes the ideas of the first installment, and expands upon it greatly. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, it’s a puzzle adventure that is set in a single room requiring you to focus on a mysterious box that has nesting doll style compartments within it. Every single piece is tied together as you unravel the mystery by solving an assortment of brain teasers all contained within The Room. The sequel gives you more rooms to contend with, so that you travel to ships, temples, photo galleries, and more to unravel a grander mystery the second time around.
The most noticeable aspect of The Room Two is the ornately crafted 3D world with such a high level fit and finish applied to every object in the environment. For instance, you’re not just looking at a simple box, but rather a finely made wood chest allowing you to see the grain of the wood, and the texture of the steel corners. The graphics engine is even better in the sequel to make for a more immersive environment that also covers more unique areas, and objects. The graphics engine makes everything so realistic, and that’s taken a step further with the smooth touch controls. It’s intuitive to interact with every on screen object, and there’s a natural flow to turning knobs, sliding open drawers, and zooming in and out to focus on specific elements.

All of the extras are wrapped around an intricately designed puzzle game where every single puzzle is tied together. Solving one puzzle opens up a compartment that gives you a piece, which is key to solving another puzzle, and on it goes as you solve your way through a room. Since everything is tied together, the game keeps you fully engaged, so that you’re constantly pushing forward. The game keeps calling back to you as though you’re given a string with tiny presents attached to it, and you want to keep getting to the next one, and of course find out what’s at the end of the string. The Room Two is one of the most engaging games on the iPad as it fully immerses you in these finely crafted 3D environments to truly fill your thoughts.
Everything is made for pick up and play allowing anyone to embark, and be fully enthralled by the secrets that The Room Two holds. There’s a subtle overarching storyline presented through cryptic notes, again to keep you going to the finish. The puzzles have a great difficulty curve where it never seems to easy, or hard, and instead it’s simply about exploration, experimentation, and discovery. You always know that the answer is out there, even when you become stumped from time to time, requiring you to just go back and explore some more. It’s a surprisingly tactile experience for a touch screen as you manipulate each object, and you can just tune out the world to be wrapped up in the experience.

The Room Two ($4.99, iPad) isn’t just a game, but an experience that is not to be missed as it greatly expands upon an already outstanding game. It’s one of the best experiences you can play on the iPad to engross you in a mesmerizing touch centric challenge that is an absolute must buy.


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