The Walking Dead: Assault – Strategically Taking Out The Walkers

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great team based strategy gameplay | Deluxe 3D comic book art style | So many neat features

The 11 levels go by quickly | Could use a mini-map

The Walking Dead is a very popular franchise at the moment whether it’s the AMC TV show, the game from TellTale, or the comic series that started it all. The Walking Dead: Assault is a new iOS game that is tied directly to the original comic series, and provides a top down strategy game. The game uses the Walking Dead theme for notoriety, but the gameplay easily stands on its own for some thoroughly engaging squad based strategy action.

Each of the 11 levels in episode one provide some intense action as you move your team about the post apocalyptic cities trying to collect the supplies, and take down any walkers you come across. You have to use the characters together to outmaneuver the large numbers of enemies. The game features a number of subtleties as you’re trying to explore, including distractions like car alarms, as well as limits on how much noise you can make to avoid alerting the horde. One of the most valuable features is switching all of your characters weapons between guns and melee attacks based on the noise meter, and number of zombies you’re facing. You can only have four characters per level, and each character also has their own special abilities to account for.

The 11 levels do go by relatively quickly, but you can replay them as you unlock hard difficulty after completing the levels once. You also have the ability to upgrade your whole team’s abilities, and there’s just such enjoyable strategy gameplay. It’s also effortless to control the whole team with a simple tap and hold to direct them. All of the action is presented beautifully with a deluxe 3D art style that delivers comic book styling’s.

The Walking Dead: Assault ($2.99, Universal) is an entertaining experience whether you’re a fan of strategy games, The Walking Dead, or just some enjoyable action making it a should buy.

*Note: You can get The Walking Dead: Assault for free thanks to IGN’s Free Game of the Promotion. Just click this link to generate a promo code to get the game for free.


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