TheEndApp – Running Through The End Of The World

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Another great endless runner | High quality 3D design | Nice end of world theme | Days of missions

More endless running | Could tie missions into the regular gameplay to earn multiples at once

It seems there is an endless supply of endless runners in the App Store, and more are taking on the mold of Temple Run. TheEndApp is the latest, and it does its best to take the familiar mold, and enhance it to try to make an app that can stand on its own. It’s a 3D endless runner with swipe controls to turn, jump, and slide and tilt controls to collect items on the path. TheEndApp revolves around survival of a post-apocalyptic world where you’re running past abandoned streets, lava, and destruction while collecting duct tape for your survival camp.

The gameplay is one you’ve experienced before, but it’s still balanced extremely well here, and offers tons of engagement. There are actual missions in addition to the free run endless mode, which gives this game legs. There are 14 days of apocalypse in the game, and there are five challenges per day. When you complete the five challenges, you unlock the next day with a slightly altered environment to run through. The challenge system offers some nice variation to go along with an increased score multiplier.

While you’re running along, you also get to appreciate the beautiful 3D world designs with great scenery to speed past. There’s such fine detail in the abandoned buildings, crashed cars, and smokey sky. The scenery helps keep the game fresh, and there’s plenty of nuances as you advance through the different days. The game is also set-up so that there are multiple paths to choose as you’re running along, and this combines with the varied scenery to make it feel like you’re running quite a distance.

TheEndApp (Free, Universal) isn’t ground breaking by any means, but it enhances the formula nicely to offer a fresh endless running experience. The EndApp is a should buy for the variation, gorgeous design, and little nuances on top of the great well known gameplay.


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