Thor: Son of Asgard

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2/5
Design: 3/5
Length: 3/5

Quality design | Thor

Frustrating control system | Repetitive gameplay

Thor is now showing in movie theaters, and you can get in on the Thor action with your iOS device. Thor: Son of Asgard is a 3D action adventure game that is sold under the Marvel name, but looks like many Gameloft games. As a matter of fact, Thor: Son of Asgard is comparable to Hero of Sparta II or Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. The game design looks familiar, and the game plays similar as well.

There’s nothing new or creative to see except for the Thor visuals and storyline. The game was released in time for the movie, but the storyline is completely different. There are nice visuals and sounds when compared to last year’s games, but expectations are higher now. For any game, it comes down to gameplay, and that’s where Thor is lacking.

The game feels like any other button masher where there is no strategy or thought process. All you do is tap the action and magic buttons as fast as you can. Sadly, Thor isn’t even a good button masher because it’s not that responsive. It seems the game doesn’t recognize multiple taps, which will lead to your death after about chapter 3. The control method also doesn’t allow for quick action because you can’t attack on the move. You have to be standing still to attack, so you’ll take a lot of damage while still.

Once you begin executing attacks, your character properly moves and glides to the enemy you want to face. There is a long storyline in Thor with six chapters containing multiple stages, and three deluxe boss battles. There is a lot to do, but the gameplay is repetitive and bland so you probably won’t want to make it through the whole game.

Thor: Son of Asgard ($4.99, Universal) simply has too many problems to recommend. The game feels like it wasn’t made to be fun, and just made in time for the movie. Thor: Son of Asgard is worth skipping for $4.99.


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