Tie Dye Doodle – Making Shirts Without The Mess

1.5 Overall Score
Usability: 2/5
Design: 2/5
Duration: 1/5

Make virtual tie-dye shirts | No mess

Only virtual shirts | Not much interaction by user | Extremely basic and repetitive

App Info

APP NAME: Tie Dye Doodle

DEVELOPER(S): Shoe The Goose

GENRE(S): Entertainment

RELEASE DATE(S): June 3rd, 2011

It’s always a fun experience creating a tie dye shirt, and you can always remember the experience because you create a physical object you can wear proudly. Tie Dye Doodle allows you to create a tie dye shirt right on your iOS device without getting messy from all the dyes. There are eight tie dye folds that you can create on six different garments. You just choose the shirt, pick and form the fold, place the rubber bands, and then just rub in the color.

As soon as you’re done you can unravel it to see your final creation, and then add after effects like rhinestones, appliques, and glitter or fabric paints. You can save your shirt to your camera roll, and even place it on a little doodle character. Every tie dye shirt is always unique, and the possibilities are endless in the app. The only possibility not included is to make an actual T-shirt you can wear. You’re just making virtual clothes without any of the hassle or mess, but also without any of the fun or the final product.

After you go through the process once, there’s nothing left to do with the app because your actions are so limited. You just tap the screen to fold the shirt, rather than actually performing the complex folds. You simply tap to add rubber bands, and you just rub to add color. There is no aspect of the app that feels like making a tie dye shirt, and you don’t learn the process either. It would be a very neat app if you learned how to make a sunburst fold, and where you place specific rubber bands. The app could help if it showed you how to make the various dye colors, or do anything to extend beyond the simplistic virtual creation system we’ve seen over and over again.

This app isn’t meant to be one where you can pick the tie-dye you want to make, and then go through a virtual process to see how it would look before actually going through the physical process of doing it. That would be a great app, but this isn’t that app, and isn’t even close to being worth your time. It may be a fun distraction for little kids for a few minutes, but they will be quickly bored. The process is repetitive between shirts, and there’s hardly anything to do for the user.

Tie Dye Doodle ($0.99, Universal) is simple in scope, and basic in execution. There’s a lot of potential with the app, but there’s practically no interaction. Tie Dye Doodle is bland, uninspired, and far too basic to recommend in any capacity.


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