Time Surfer – Rewinding The Endless Genre

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great time rewind mechanic | Outstanding style | Such a sense of speed

Another endless game| Time rewind doesn't offer much precision

Some games are instantly familiar, and yet at the same time are trying to actively distinguish themselves. Time Surfer is along these lines with gameplay that is a lot like Tiny Wings, but there’s a brand new time based mechanic. In Time Surfer, you tap, and hold to dive into curves, and then release to fling up and out of the curves at great speed, just like Tiny Wings. Now though, you’re using this mechanic in space, and there are multiple space environments to surf through. The time aspect lets you tap the other side of the screen to rewind your progress for a second or two, and that changes the game completely.

You’re surfing in front of a wall of fire, so you need to maintain speed, so missed curves can really do you in. Luckily, you can simply rewind time to hit the curve sharper to maintain your speed. There are also all kinds of obstacles with asteroids, spikes, gaps to fall through, and more, and again you can rewind time after crashing into any of them, to avoid the fate. You time rewind is limited, and based on the coins you collect, and even a full time meter only lets you go back a couple of seconds. You can use the time shift however you like, as it simply introduces a brand new strategic element to contend with to better your score. Time Surfer also features a great sense of speed, so you’re practically flying across screen with all of the crazy space colors whizzing by.

The game is simply another endless runner/surfer, but it does quite a bit to keep you coming back. There are tons of missions to shoot for, and completing them helps you earn space cake which can be used for all kinds of unlockables. There are different costumes, special power-ups, and pets which can give you valuable boosts during your run. Time Surfer adds quite a bit to the base endless game, and then there are all of the stylistic additions to behold. The game features an 80’s style with the bit graphics, and chip-tunes which are perfectly tied to the speed at which the game is played.

Time Surfer ($0.99, Universal) is a great addition to the endless genre that provides a brand new mechanic, great style, and brilliant speed to make it a should buy.


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