Tin Man Can – One Touch Platformer Comes Up Short

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2.5/5

One touch platformer | High quality design

Poor level design | Subpar difficulty balance | Rather passive experience

What do you do when a unicycling hoverbot gets thrown away from home by a worm hole? Why help it of course, and that’s exactly what you do in Tin Man Can to help Tic, the unicycling hoverbot through four dimensions. The game features 60 levels across the four dimensions and the gameplay is a new style with a one touch platformer. Tic rolls forward automatically, and you can tap the screen to hover across gaps. Tic needs energy to hover, and he can regain energy by rolling on the ground, or collecting energy orbs.

The entire game is about resource management as Tic’s energy bar depletes quickly, and there’s a whole lot of hovering required. The one touch gameplay makes it perfect for pick up, and play, but it is a bit passive. The game doesn’t require much interaction for the most part, so it can feel a bit bland. When there are tough stretches, you aren’t prepared simply because there wasn’t much going on before that. There are parts of the levels where you don’t even need to touch the screen, and then it flips completely. The tough sequences do let you try to walk a tight rope in a sense with obstacles above and below that you need to hover through.

The biggest problem seems to be the level design, as it’s just not balanced very well. For instance, just one mistake of missing a single energy orb results in death. Tin Man Can also features an online multiplayer component, but by no fault of the developers, there has been no one else online to play with so far. The game does have a great art style, and it all flows so well at the nice speed of the game.

Tin Man Can ($0.99, Universal) just isn’t balanced well enough for enjoyment making it worth skipping.


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