Tiny Invaders – Will You Be Infected?

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 2/5

Outstanding design from visuals to controls | Three star replay factor

Super simple gameplay | Levels blend together | Can breeze through the game

Game Info

APP NAME: Tiny Invaders

DEVELOPER(S): Hogrocket

GENRE(S): Puzzle, Action

RELEASE DATE(S): September 12th, 2011

No one likes viruses, germs, and bacteria, because they make you sick. In Tiny Invaders, the tide is turned as you play as the germs trying to infect as many people as possible. You play as space germs, and you infect one part of a body per level, and work your way up to infect the entire body. Then you can move on to another person you come in contact with, working your way up to the President of the United States. To get there, you need to handle the action puzzle of each level as you direct little germs to collect orbs, and avoid antibodies. In each level there is a varied layout of blood vessels, and you need to collect all the orbs in a level as quick as you can.

The game features a one touch control mechanic as you tap to launch germs through the blood vessels and tap again for them to speed up. In many levels, there are junctions that allow you to switch the path for the germs so that they collect all of the orbs. The game features 60 levels, each with a unique layout, as you try to affect a different body part. The one consistency is that the game is a breeze, and you can make it through the whole game without much challenge at all. The main challenge lies in trying to get three stars on each level, but just beating a level is as easy as can be. The game may be too simple for its own good, but you do get to infect four different people with 15 levels each.

Tiny Invaders ($1.99, Universal) has a supremely polished design with so much personality in each and every germ. It’s great to witness the blood vessels and cilia adjust to the germs flowing through. Despite the great design, there is still a severe lack of difficulty making it such a passive experience. The levels also seem to blend together because of the simplicity. The game could be tedious, but there is the speed option which is a neat feature that many games could benefit from. Puzzle games are numberous in the App Store, and more challenging fare like Punch a Hole sticks out more than a pretty design.

Tiny Invaders is worth considering depending on how many puzzle games you have played in the past, and how much you like the game’s gorgeous design.


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