Tiny Thief – Puzzle Adventure Will Steal Your Heart

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Intricate puzzle layouts | Orante design | Filled with charm | Throughly engaging

Some tedious stretches | Some levels rely on trail & error rather than logic


In a medieval world filled with greed, corruption, and injustice, one man stands alone to fight back, he is Tiny Thief. The stage is set for the new puzzle adventure game from 5ants, and published by Rovio providing stealth based gameplay mixed with point and click adventure style. The result is an ornately crafted gaming experience that offers up six main quests with five levels each. Your goal is to figure out how multiple interactive items work together to steal from the rich, and give to the poor, building upon the Robin Hood ideal. The quests include facing a corrupt sheriff, stealing from greedy landowners, thwarting treasure seeking pirates, and saving a princess locked in a castle.
Every single level offers unique and intricate layouts that are all about exploration. You must decide which items are usable, and then put them to good use. The art style is simply superb with such a finely crafted medieval theme that is packed with character and charm. You simply tap to move Tiny Thief, and then tap on the bubbles that appear over interactive objects. As you progress through the quests, the levels feature scrolling layouts, and objects that can’t be used until collecting other objects first. The main objective is completed through a multi-step process that is discovered through trial and error in piecing together the clues scattered about. The first few levels are extremely basic, but it becomes surprisingly complex with a logic puzzle type series of events to chain together with no clues, but only your own intuition.

The best part is seeing the solution come together with so many moving parts that include great animations in playback. It’s quite a journey with numerous instances of head scratching, frustration, and “ah ha” moments with an expertly crafted difficulty curve to make it accessible to all. The main ingredient of the game is patience as some sequences are quite slow moving, since you’re sneaking about. The game revolves around moving through the entire layout, and just cataloging all that can be interacted with, and then trying to piece it all together. In addition to the main objective, there are usually three or four hidden objects to find, which are uncovered through side missions, and these can be extra devious. The entire experience is just so well made to make it endearing to the player to keep you fully engaged, and keep coming back to complete the entire adventure.

Tiny Thief ($2.99, Universal) offers so many little things to appreciate, and they all fit together for a great big adventure that is a must buy for hours of entertainment.


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