Tiny Wings HD – Soaring To All New Heights, Now On iPad

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Great transition to iPad | Exciting & engaging races | Same device multiplayer | Retina graphics

Still just Tiny Wings | No new objectives

*Click image for full retina size.

Tiny Wings has been flying on the iPhone for over a year, and yet it only has been super pixelated running in the simulator on the iPad. That has finally changed thanks to Tiny Wings HD which offers up the full Tiny Wings 2.0, plus more. When you first launch the game, you can tell that it has been made for the iPad with iPad retina quality from the launch screen. Tiny Wings is known for the beautiful worlds, and this is one of the prettiest looking games I’ve yet seen on the screen of the new iPad.

Once you dive into the original mode, you can also tell that the tap regions have been designed with the iPad in mind, and you can see more of the hills up ahead. Everything is so crisp, whether you’re right against a hill or flying up into the clouds, and it fits the iPad so well. Then there’s the brand new Flight School mode which offers up a four player race with baby birds. You play as one bird, going against three computer players, and the pacing is excellent. There’s tons of challenge as you try to nail the curve of every hill, and a mistake can be quite alarming as you see your opponents whizz past.

The races are quite exhilarating, and there are 15 specific challenges across three different island sets. Each of the 15 races offers up a unique hill design for a different flow, but a smooth flow nonetheless. The HD iPad version also offers up Hill Party mode which is same device multiplayer allowing you to race head to head with the screen split in half. The racing is further enhanced by diving into gaps with a friend right on the other side of the iPad. The entire game maintains the beautiful design and brilliant one touch controls for maybe the best endless experience around.

Tiny Wings HD ($2.99, iPad) is a great example of transitioning a game from iPhone to iPad, and it offers incentive to go through the objectives again, even with the iCloud sync. Tiny Wings HD is a must buy that is as smooth as you can imagine, and is an iPad experience that your hands and eyes just can’t get enough.


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