Touchgrind BMX – Amazing Tricks At Your Fingertips

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Gameplay: 4/5
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Amazing tricks at your fingertips | Smooth controls, and great design

Takes a bit to get used to |

Game Info

APP NAME: Touchgrind BMX

DEVELOPER(S): Illusion Labs

GENRE(S): Action, Sports

RELEASE DATE(S): May 26th, 2011

Who’s not a fan of getting huge air, and throwing down mad tricks? You can only do so much with a skateboard, but you can do so much more with BMX Bike. Touchgrind BMX allows you to do crazy flips and spins, and is the newest game from Illusion Labs. The game gives you a third person perspective so you can see the course ahead, unlike the original Touchgrind which had a top down perspective.

In Touchgrind BMX you just put two fingers on the bike, one on the handlebars, and one on the seat. You speed up to ramps, and then simply swipe those two fingers in various different directions to perform every bike trick you can think of. You can perform a front-spin 540, double horizontal 360, a backflip into a bar-spin, and so much more all from just moving your fingers around on screen. There are a lot of possibilities at your fingertips, but the controls do take a bit to get used to, like most Illusion Labs games.

After a few runs, you’ll definitely get the hang of it, and soon be combining tricks together, and building up your multiplier. The multiplier is essential for high scores so you want to string together tricks, and not crash. In every course in the game, there are a ton of ramps to go off, though you will end up crashing a lot. There are five different courses around the world, and you unlock new ones by earning adrenaline points.

You get points for completing specific challenges at each location, and the challenges do act as little mini-games on top of just scoring as much as you can. Every locations is superbly designed with some of the best 3D engines we’ve seen. The physics engine is also outstanding with very twist and turn of the bike, feeling as authentic as could be. It’s amazing watching your bike rotate through a front spin, or have the whole camera shift when you do a flip.

The game can be frustrating, but just challenging enough that you’ll want to replay a run, and do better. The game really hooks you to keep going through the track, and making more amazing and consecutive tricks. It would be nice to see Game Center included, but it doesn’t rally feel necessary with the intrinsic replay factor in the game. One problem with the control scheme is that your fingers take up a good portion of the screen, and can sometime block the path up ahead.

The game is a little forgiving so that you can land some tricks when on the borderline of crashing. When you’re performing the tricks, you can lose track of what side is right side up. You do get the ability to tap on the bike to land a trick which helps a lot, and allows you to perform two separate tricks in one jump. You can watch the replay of your run, and even upload it to youtube.

Touchgrind BMX ($4.99, iPhone) may just be the best sports sim in the App Store with great level design, physics engine, and amount of fun. Once you start playing the game, you’ll be hooked on doing bigger and better tricks. Touchgrind BMX is a should buy for $4.99 that provides an amazing experience, that feels so natural, and as close to riding a bike as possible on an iPhone.


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