Triple Town – A Bear Necessity Fresh Matching Game

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Fresh take on match three | Plenty of friendly strategy involved | Keeps you playing

Can get a bit expensive | Some moves can ruin your whole game

It seems everything has been done with match three games, so it was tough to get excited about another one in Triple Town. That was at least until I actually played the game, and realized it’s a brand new take on match three. Triple Town combines match three and strategy for a whole new city building game. You begin with planting grass, and matching three grasses creates a bush, with three bushes making a tree, and three trees making a hut so on so forth up until you make castles.

Your goal is to make as big of a city as you can with only a 6×6 grid, and then there are bears that get in your way. The game goes on until the board is filled, and you have no where to place the next piece. Matches clear up the board, and you need all the strategy you can muster to outwit bears, and make sure your matches create objects in the right place. When you make a match of bushes for instance the tree is planted where the most recent bush was placed, and you’ll want your new tree to sit by existing trees to help make a tree match down the road.

The most amazing aspect is how engrossing the game is, and you can simply play time and time again with every move being so important. There are special crystals to match two objects, and bots that remove a piece that’s in the way. Bears can be removed by giving them nowhere to move, and three matched bear graves can create a church. There’ so much depth to the simple mechanic, and each time you play it feels brand new. The game was recently updated with two new maps including a 5×5 grid with no bears for more practice as well as a lake map with a lake in the middle you must build around.

Triple Town (Free, Universal) is free to download, and you’re given 15,000 moves which also replenish over time. You can buy unlimited turns for $3.99, and the two new maps are also included. Triple Town is a must buy for the $4 IAP, but be careful because you can spend much more than that as you’re fully engaged with the game. You can earn or buy coins to let you pick up particular pieces to help you build your city.

Triple Town is an excellent iOS experience that you can play for short bursts, and still be thoroughly engrossed for so much longer.


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