Trouserheart – The Fool Who Ripped His Pants

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced action | Completely accessible to all | High quality design

Feels like a button masher at times | Can be unforgiving in enemy attacks


When the most powerful pants in the kingdom are stolen, there are big problems, and that is what has happened in Trouserheart. You get to play as the king battling to get his trousers back in a hack ‘n’ slash style game from the makers of SparkleAzkendTennis in the FaceKing OddballBoom Brigade, and Joining Hands. Rather than overbearing RPG elements, and fantasy expose, you’re given a simple set-up, amusing storyline, and non-stop action. The game is made for anyone to pick up and play to start enjoying immediately, and there is a lot to enjoy. Trouserheart is set-up as a series of rooms to battle through, with each room consisting of the size of the screen. You need to make it through all of the enemies in a room to advance, as you battle your way to the boss battle in castles in far away lands.
The game features ten unique bosses with dozens of rooms leading up to those bosses. There are all kinds of enemies to battle with including goblins, tentacles, jelly cubes, witches, mummies, and more. The main consistency is that you have just a virtual joystick for movement, and a single button to attack, and you just pound your way through. As you hack and slash your way forward, there are all kinds of treasures to collect to help upgrade your knight through an extensive upgrade system for your attack, shield, and health powers. Again, all of the action is made completely accessible, and there’s a friendly 3D art style as well.

There are two difficulty modes to appeal to either casual games, or experienced hack ‘n’ slash players, and there’s even a permadeath option. The game is fun above all else with a fast paced nature, combined with a consistent flow of action. There’s no doubt the style trends itself towards a button masher with the single attack button to mash repeatedly. With that said, there are different enemies that require dodging, and each boss has very unique attack styles to contend with. It might not be the most complex game, but it’s engaging enough to keep you battling through all of the castles to get the king’s trousers back.

Trouserheart ($2.99, Universal) is a fast paced, fun loving hack ‘n’ slash that anyone can enjoy making it a worthwhile pick up.


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