True Skate – Skateboard Tricks At Your Fingertips

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

An amazing 3D design | Extremely deluxe physics engine | Smooth touch controls | Wide appeal

Only one skatepark | No unlockable boards | Shallow missions | Can be frustrating to begin

Skateboarding requires a lot of time, effort, and pain to get right, but that’s not the only way to skateboard. There are little toy skateboards, known as Tech Decks, and then there’s Touchgrind on iOS which is reminiscent of playing with a Tech Deck. Today, the makers of the outstanding Jet Car Stunts have lunched True Skate, which takes the “True” aspect to heart. It’s a 3D skateboarding simulation that is more simulator than game, as it does its best to deliver the authentic feel of skateboarding, just with your fingertips.

You push the board by swiping on screen, and then you can flick the board at all kinds of angles and directions to perform a plethora of tricks. The game is all about realism, at least as realistic as you can be when you’re skateboarding with your fingertips in a virtual skatepark. There are over 40 types of tricks you can pull off including ollie, kickflip, and pop shove-it. There’s a deluxe skatepark with ramps, grind rails, ledges, stairs, half pipe, bowl, and more. There is so much potential at your fingertips, and it’s an amazing spectacle to see yourself pulling off insane skateboarding tricks with your fingers.

The main aspect of the game is the ultra realistic physics engine so that the skateboard responds exactly as you would expect from your fingers and the skatepark. Everything is possible with the brilliant touch controls, though the entire package does take awhile to get used to. The app is by no means easy, but everything is possible with a little effort and persistence once you get the basics under control. Then you’ll simply enjoy rolling about the skatepark performing tricks with extremely specific intentions or just random swiping on screen. The app allows for both, and it’s quite a testament to the design that the app can appeal to casual iOS users and serious skaters.

The 3D graphics engine is superb as well, as you would expect from the developers of Jet Car Stunts. The 3D virtual skatepark is exquisitely detailed, and the board looks practically real as it’s rolling and flipping about. The app is a simulator that you can get lost in simply going around performing tricks for a surprising amount of time. There are also concrete missions where you follow the example, compete under time constraints, or perform specific tricks. The missions don’t exactly make it a game, and can be a little frustrating as they don’t offer much feedback on the how to aspect. There is the ability to rewind time to go back to the start of a failed trick, but no way to record and share your best tricks. When compared to Touchgrind, True Skate is a completely different experience, but True Skate only has one skatepark, and there are no unlockables.

True Skate ($1.99, Universal) is one of the most deluxe and authentic simulators of any real world activity that offers an amazing physics engine, beautiful 3D design, and outstanding touch controls. The app could use some more features, but anyone can thoroughly enjoy performing amazing skateboard tricks with their fingertips making it a should buy.

*Since the comparison is there with Touchgrind, the main differences with True Skate are the 3rd person view, 3D skatepark, and the far superior physics engine. Touchgrind is like Tech Deck, while True Skate is like actually skateboarding.


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