Twisty Planets – Making Your Mind Do Summersaults

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

A wonderful challenge | A brain flexing game with 3D manipulation | Great design work

Movement controls can be a bit confusing | No single undo button


Hopefully you like brain teasers, because Twisty Planets is a definite tease to challenge your spacial recognition in a fun way. It’s a 3D puzzle game where you need to help a cute little orange cube, named Qub, to collect three stars, and reach the finish portal. To help Qub, you will need to be able to wrap your mind around manipulating an object in 3D space. Each planet that you twist is a composition of cubes, and you need to take into account each face of the planet, and how Qub can reach each side. To do so, you will need to figure out a place that Qub can sit, so that he doesn’t slide off the face of the planet when you flip the planet around.
It’s an extremely neat idea that sets the stage for some thought provoking puzzles that live up to the brain teaser billing. There’s plenty of challenge involved as you figure out the maneuvering on both the planet, and Qub. One can’t move without the other in proper position, and the position of the three stars, and portals will constantly require you to stay focused on 3D positioning. As you advance through the 60 levels there are teleporters, spring pads, moving blocks, and more to contend with to further increase the challenge. There are also three different environments, and every single one of the 60 cube based planets offers a unique layout.

This isn’t the type of puzzle game to just blow through, and instead you need to take your time, and even experiment with a half twist to see how things will unfold before actually making the move. It’s nice that the game uses swipe gestures for movement, and allows you to make partial turns. You can move Qub with on screen arrows, which can be a bit confusing at times, but they are context sensitive based on the movement of the planets. There’s also a high quality 3D design, which includes transparency, so that you can always gain your bearings as you’re flipping the planet. The puzzles present a constant supply of challenge, while never being too frustrating allowing for the game to walk the tight rope to create an excellent puzzle experience.

Twisty Planets ($1.99, Universal) offers some great brain teasing 3D puzzle fun that will challenge, and engage you for a must buy.


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