Unkilled – How Long Can You Blast Zombies?

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 2/5

Arcade shooter style | Gorgeous 3D design | Effortless to control

Levels can blend together | Game is quite easy, making it a bit bland

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Zombie killing is a popular past time if the number of iOS zombie shooters is any indication. Now, there’s a brand new one in the form of Unkilled, from the makers of Dead Trigger 1 & 2, Shadowgun, and Samurai. Unkilled continues the style of Dead Trigger 1 & 2 with a 3D first person zombie shooter with a heavy emphasis on deluxe 3D graphics. The game looks amazing running on mobile devices as you blast away a wide assortment of zombies across multiple locations. There are so many details to appreciate with the particle effects, textured surfaces, zombie design, lighting and shadows, and so much more.
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Unkilled switches things up mainly by introducing a new missions system with over 300 missions to shoot your way through. The game is really designed for mobile with each mission on the short side to let you blast through zombies in short bursts. It’s also relatively easy to pick up and play with an intuitive touch based control scheme that continues the style from Dead Trigger allowing your character to auto fire when you align your aim with a zombie. There’s an inherent hardcore gaming ideal with the 3D first person zombie shooter, but the developers have made the style as accessible as possible with the short form missions, and simple touch controls.

There’s a lot to go through, and yet the core game is simple arcade fun of blasting away a boatload of zombies that come from multiple directions and various forms. There are all new big bad zombies, and you’re given numerous unlockable weapons to handle them. The main problem is that Unkilled is awfully similar to Dead Trigger and other zombie shooters. Not only that, but the levels within Unkilled due blend together with similar waves of zombies, but in new locations. There are some levels that change the weaponry and perspective, but for the most part it’s just blasting away zombies with the already inherent repetition of the genre. It’s simple fun, but in creating short levels with friendly controls, the game is also a bit short on challenge as it’s rare to be overrun or even in danger from the zombies. It’s practically effortless to mow down zombies, and the numbers never really stack up to challenge you.
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It’s tough to shoot zombies for too long, and you actually aren’t even allowed too without spending some money. There’s a restrictive energy meter in Unkilled that gives you six bars of energy, and each level costs one bar. When you’re out, you can’t play any more levels without tapping into the premium currency or video ads. The levels are short and go by quick, so you’re out of energy relatively soon as well. After a couple of times that the game pushes you away when you’re out of energy, it’s tough to find incentive to come back. There’s also a complete gun upgrade system that actually tied in to level requirements to further sit between you and just playing the game.

Unkilled (Free, Universal) delivers simple zombie shooting fun in a beautifully designed package, but the game grows awfully stale and restrictive quickly making it simply worth considering depending on your patience.

Free, Universal


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