Unpleasant Horse

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Length: 2.5/5

Quick fun | Great style | Free

Too simple | Slightly sadistic

Game Info

APP NAME: Unpleasant Horse

DEVELOPER(S): 4th & Battery

GENRE(S): Casual Endless

RELEASE DATE(S): April 27th, 2011

PopCap just may be the best casual game maker around. For their next effort they have a new experimental brand known as 4th & Battery, for edgier titles. The first game under this name is Unpleasant Horse which is a simple game that was built in a 24 hour game jam. After a bunch of polishing on the original idea, it was launched in the App Store for free.

The premise is simple enough, you play as a horse with wings and you try to fly as far as you can. You hop between clouds, but you’re a relatively unpleasant horse. This means that you jump on cuter ponies, and ride them down to the ground. To make matters worse, the ground is composed of meat grinders.

Your unpleasant horse scores points for riding ponies to the ground, but those same meat grinders can lead to your demise if you miss clouds. You also can gain a bonus jump when you smash birds along the way. The game is a high quality free app with plenty of charm and style. The gameplay isn’t the most complex, but there’s enough to charge a buck for.

It’s amazing how a smirk can come to your face, as you’re bringing a flying pony down into the meat grinders, with the pony crying during the descent. One frustrating aspect of the game is that you often jump blind without the slightest idea of what comes next. Also your score isn’t based on distance traveled, but only successful lands on either clouds, ponies, or birds.

Unpleasant Horse is a nice opening for the 4th & Battery stable, that is definitely worth a download.


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