Review: Velocispider – A Blast From The Past

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Length: 3/5

Classic arcade action | Great style and design

Ends quickly | Not much replayability

Game Info

APP NAME: Velocispider

DEVELOPER(S): RetroDreamer

GENRE(S): Arcade, Action

RELEASE DATE(S): June 1st, 2011

Do you remember dropping quarters in those old arcade machines to play endless high score bit-art games? Velocispider is an absolute blast from the past as an arcade shooter with tons of action, and pixel art that is reminiscent of Galaga. You control a crazy hybrid creature that is part raptor, and part arachnid, but full on space robot killer. We gave you a sneak peek of Velocispider, and now it’s time for the full review.

The Velocispider is also part cyborg, with a cannon blaster strapped to its head. You tilt to move the creature, and it fires automatically at waves of airborne robots. The robots are attacking on behalf of a billionaire, who is dead set on getting the precious Velocispider eggs. The game is composed of 20 levels of non-stop robot blasting action that will make you feel like you’re playing in an old arcade cabinet style machine. You need to be careful as the aliens fire right back at you, and some come down to beam up your eggs.

Velocispider is the first iOS game to truly capture the spirt of an arcade shooter. Once you start blasting aliens, you will not want to stop until you’ve completed the whole game. There’s never a dull moment, so there’s no point to set the game back down. If you do lose along the way, you can start at any previous level you’ve completed which is a great feature. There are all kinds of enemy types to deal with, and there are a ton of power-ups to pick up.

The game is as easy to control as can be which allows you to fully concentrate on the challenging gameplay. The difficulty increases at a great rate to keep all levels of players actively engaged while enjoying all the action. Game Center online leaderboards are included, but no achievements which could help a bit with the replay factor. Like many enjoyable games, it comes to an end far too quickly which is definitely the case after only 20 levels. It would be great to see an endless arcade mode on top of the level based campaign.

The theme is outstanding, as you can’t but love a Velocispider. One improvement could be to flesh out the storyline just bit to make a more rounded campaign experience. The pixel art is superb, which looks great on the retina display or iPad as it’s a finely polished mix between 8 and 16 bit graphics. The soundtrack fits the gameplay perfectly, and you really can’t imagine playing the game without it.

Velocispider ($0.99, Universal) is the new standard of how to remake a classic arcade game. The gameplay is so good that you want some more of it, and the game just doesn’t provide much in the first place. Velocispider is worth picking up, as you’ll get way more out of the game than four quarters in an old arcade machine.


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