VinylLove – Playing The Ol’ Record Machine

3.5 Overall Score
Usability: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Great interface mixing old and new school | More connected to the music

No playlist support | Only alphabetical sorting with slow initial load times

App Info

APP NAME: VinylLove

DEVELOPER(S): Color Monkey

GENRE(S): Music, Utility

RELEASE DATE(S): August 8th, 2011

Are you old enough to remember playing music on a record player with Vinyl albums, and do the terms 45s and 33s mean something to you? If so, VinylLove may be right up your alley as it turns all your iPad tracks into Vinyl records. You begin by seeing all your albums in virtual plastic crates, and you can flip through them all one by one. The crates are sorted in alphabetical order, and with just a tap, the album is placed on to the record player. You can then pick up the needle, and start playing your music with even a little record scratch to begin each song.

There are two views in the record player mode with zoom in and out which change the playback controls, and can be accessed with a double tap. When zoomed out, you can pick up the needle to change tracks on an album, and when zoomed in, you can move the needle through a particular song. In either mode you can scratch the record, and spin to reverse or fast-forward. It’s really neat seeing the album spin as the song plays, and it’s a completely different experience than the stock iPod app. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or never seen records before, this is an enjoyable music playback app.

If you have albums with multiple tracks it’s great to see each track highlighted in brown showing you exactly where to move the needle to. With an actual record it’s always tough to find the exact starting point of the next track. VinylLove makes it much more hands-on when changing tracks compared to pressing the next track button. Just seeing your album as a record, and then seeing all your albums in plastic crates lets you really enjoy your music that much more. It would be nice to see the app support playlists or any type of sorting options beyond alphabetical. There are also considerable loading times when moving through a large album to the later letters in the alphabet.

VinylLove ($1.99, Universal, $0.99, Pocket Version) is a whole new way to listen to music that really allows you to appreciate your music that much more. There’s more of an interactive element to playing each and every song. Also, the playback is unique, and the only drawback is the lack of a better way to sort your music collection. The app is very sharp with extremely nice aesthetics from the record player to the plastic crates.

VinylLove is worth picking up for $1.99 that you’ll want to use as your new music player. Once you do, the app will make you want to have album artwork for your entire collection as well as having multi-song albums.


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