Volotic – Making Music With The Greatest Of Ease

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Makes great sounding tunes | Effortless drag and drop interface

A bit on the simple side | Could use more instrument choices


Making music can be a fun pastime, and there are more and more ways to make music on your iPad. Volotic is the latest entry into the App Store, and it delivers a nonlinear sequence made for touch. Whether you know what nonlinear sequencer means, or not, you can jump right into Volotic, and start creating some tunes. Volotic gives you little dots in the sidebar that you can drag on to the grid with each dot corresponding to a different musical tool, or instrument. There are over 60 different items to add with drums and melodic instruments as well as scales and tones.
Volotic is designed for touch allowing every single thing to be controlled by dragging an item from the left sidebar into the grid. It’s as effortless as can be to let you experiment at will to continue to refine your musical creation. Everything begins with dragging an emitter on to the grid, and then you can start routing it around through different tones and scales, and finally into an instrument to play varying degrees of notes. It’s simply great to hear something that sounds good come to life just from dragging and dropping. The compositions you can create are usually reserved for those with musical experience using complex programs, but Volotic shows that doesn’t have to be the case.

One of the best features works in the background, and that’s the inclusion of preset scales and arpeggios, which keeps the tune so you don’t have to. There are also advanced controls for manual timing, if you choose. Volotic supports 3D sound as well, so the position of the dots on the grid has an impact on the overall sound. We have seen apps like this before, but Volotic seems to make the process even simpler. The size of the grid also allows for quite a bit of complexity, and depth. With that said, there are some definite limitations in variety, but that doesn’t prevent you from fully enjoying creating a great sounding tune with ease.

Volotic (Free, iPad) brings music content creation to anyone with a great balance of ease of use, and great sounding results making it well worth picking up. There’s also a single $0.99 in-app purchase that gives you the ability to save your compositions. You can also save your creations to your Mac as long as you have Yosemite.

Free, iPad


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