VS. Racing – Classic Top Down Arcade Racing

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Length: 2/5

Hectic top down arcade racing | Great if you have iPhone/iTouch owing friends close by

Vs, but with no online multiplayer | Could use more tracks

Do you remember playing or seeing that arcade cabinet of Super Sprint with the steering wheel, gas pedal, top down racing on multiple screens? The new iOS game VS. Racing is definitely reminiscent of Super Sprint as you race tiny cars on a curvy track. The highlight of the game is the VS. Part, but it’s only limited to local multiplayer over WiFi or Bluetooth. The gameplay is frantic, and there are three control options to find the one that’s best for you. The tilt controls are rather poor as there is no calibration, so you don’t know the starting position to tilt from.

Each track layout is filled with curves, and special sections including off road, bridge, and squeeze portions. There are only six tracks, though there are 34 challenges in the single player campaign. You can’t rotate the screen, and there is no online connectivity what so ever. The game does have a great design with great car collision animations and physics.

There’s no doubt there is fun to be had as you bounce on enemies and try to push them into edges while you attempt to stay in the lead. The top down racing style with micro machines hasn’t been done this well yet on iOS. With that said, the main aspect of the game is multiplayer, and it’s limited to local. Game Center online multiplayer would make this one of the best racing experiences around.

Without it, Vs. Racing ($0.99, iPhone) is just another in the stuffed App Store. As it stands, the game is lacking in depth with only six tracks, and every race feels the same. The main potential for replay would be to make online VS. Racing, and until then it’s worth skipping.


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