Vycloud – Gorgeous Detailing Of The Weather

4.0 Overall Score
Usability: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Absolutely gorgeous design | Smooth swipe gestures | Great weather information

Another weather app | Could use a radar | Somewhat shallow

There’s such a wide assortment of weather apps in the App Store, so it’s almost impossible to not know the upcoming conditions if you have an iPhone. There’s also a lot of flair and innovation in weather apps with some great design work being done. Vycloud is the latest weather app, and it takes iPhone weather app design to the next level. As soon as you launch the app, you know you’re in for something special with an absolutely gorgeous main screen.

You’re first presented with three panels on screen with a digital readout of the temperature, then animated weather conditions, and finally a trend graph of changes over the past 24 hour period. There’s a polish and sheen to this app rarely seen, and it’s simply oozing with style. Not only is the app beautiful, but it’s made for iPhone with touch gestures allowing you to swipe in all four directions to bring up other sections. The very bottom of the main window shows an hourly forecast, and if you swipe up, the full seven day forecast is revealed.

A swipe right brings up the chance of rain, cloud cover, humidity, and barometric pressure statistics. A swipe left brings up the cities you want to track, and swiping down reveals the settings. Each new panel is well designed in its own right with the seven day forecast the best of the bunch with a color coded bar graph based on the temperatures through the week. Many weather apps provide either great design or deluxe weather stats, but Vycloud does a great job of providing both which makes it a top notch weather app in a very crowded field.

Vycloud ($0.99 -> Free, iPhone) is a great addition to your iOS device if you even remotely care about the weather making it a should buy. The app is also free for launch day.


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