Wake The Cat – An Arousing Puzzle Game

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

New type of puzzle game | Great 3D artwork | Easy to pick up and play

Not the most inspiring puzzle game | Levels are relatively straightforward

Puzzle games are the most popular in the App Store, and there are multiple new puzzlers on a weekly basis. Wake the Cat is a new one that revolves around rolling a ball of yarn to wake a cat from its extended slumber. The most surprising aspect is that it truly is original, and feels like a brand new puzzle mechanic to get behind. The game is a bit like miniature golf as you need to flick the ball of yarn through tight passages to reach the ball and/or the cat.

Each of the 75 levels presents a new challenge as you move from the hall to the kitchen, and bedroom. There are all types of new obstacles introduced as you go including trains, fans, transporting slippers, plastic tubes, and more. Of those different obstacles, the red ones are fixed in location, but the blue ones can be tapped to manipulate, and that’s the basis of each puzzle. For the most part, you barely flick the ball of yarn, and then rely on pushing it around by setting the trains in motion, flipping the angle of the plastic tubes, and turn on/off the fans.

There’s a whole lot to like with the puzzle mechanic, and there’s a three star scoring system to keep you coming back with levels scored based on the number of throws, and time taken. If you’re truly stumped, you can use a friendly hint system, with one available every hour. To round out the package, there’s great 3D artwork to present the intricacies of each puzzle in well known household surroundings. The game also features an adorable main character, and getting the ball of yarn to the cat is like getting candy to Om Nom, from Cut The Rope.

Wake the Cat ($0.99, Universal) is another high quality puzzler published by Chillingo that really delivers the total package, and thus worth picking up.


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