Walking Dead: The Game – Grabs You, And Won’t Let Go

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

Choices have long term impact | Engaging storyline & set-up | Great translation to iOS | Outstanding design

Could use a little more brightness | Not that much action

The App Store has proven itself to have a wide variety of games from small and big developers alike that run the gamut of genres. There’s room for plenty of creativity, and very deluxe games, which is where The Walking Dead fits. We first saw this game at E3, and it has been out on PC for a bit, and has now officially come to iOS. The game is another interactive movie from TellTale games, but this is their best yet, because it offers the full computer version on iOS. This is Episode One of a five part series, with all five parts interconnected, and available in the future in this one app.

The Walking Dead is unlike any other game in the App Store, and is a rarity on any platform. The game is all about choices, because it’s set-up so that your choices have a lasting impact throughout the series. You play as Lee Everett in a world filled with the undead, and he’s on his way to prison. A car accident as a result of an undead gives Lee a second chance in this chaotic world where he then has to care for a little girl, Clementine. The game provides action and dialogue sequences, and balances the two nicely for a thoroughly engaging experience.

During dialogue sequences, you have a few responses to pick from, and the other characters will remember your choices. For instance, you can be caring and considerate or honest and rough with Clementine, and it will impact her actions in the first episode, and even more so beyond. There are pop-ups when the other characters take note of what you say, and each time you can tell that a new fork in the road has been journeyed through. Also, there’s a great replay factor, because with each of these pop-ups you’ll consider how the story may have unfolded differently with a different choice.

The action sequences require various tapping and swipes to be able to beat back the undead. The entire storyline is well constructed to keep you constantly engaged to wonder what comes next. The entire experience is so enjoyable, that you’ll want to slow down, and really savor it, which isn’t the case for many iOS games. Since it’s a port from the computer, it’s always a question of how well it runs on iOS. We tested on the new iPad with retina graphics as well as the iPhone 4S, and the 3D action runs without a hitch. The design is exquisite too with such great details and art style for the main characters, and walking dead. It is worth noting, that there are some very graphic and gory scenes as well as adult language, so keep that in mind depending on who will play the game.

Walking Dead: The Game ($4.99, Universal) is a outstanding addition to the App Store, and a thoroughly engaging experience on your iOS device. The game will grab you, and won’t let go, making it an absolute must.


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  1. Bryan July 28, 2012 at 7:01 AM -

    Awesome review awesome game. I’ll believe you for this review and will surely download the game. Thanks!

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