Wave Trip – Flying Through A Finely Crafted Sonata

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Brilliantly crafted | Great gameplay | Outstanding music tracks | Create your own levels

One mistake ruins a whole level | Controls aren't the most precise

Lucky Frame has shown a lot of creativity on the App Store with music based games. Their latest is Wave Trip, and it’s an arcade rhythm game that provides side scrolling flying action. Your goal is to collect the orange and blue shapes to rescue your friends while avoiding all of the various pink obstacles. The blue shapes increase your multiplier while the orange shapes actually increase your score based on the multiplier. The pink shapes can sit still or fly at you, and if you run into one, then your multiplier resets.

The game includes four geometric worlds, and there are five levels per world with each one offering a unique tune. Each level starts in silence, and as you collect the orange and blue shapes, the music becomes fleshed out as though each one is a note. You actually play the beat as though you’re flying across a musical score sheet, and it’s such a brilliant idea. The tunes are so intricate, and it’s simply so neat to hear the tones become more complex as you collect the orange and blue shapes.

There is plenty of challenge involved as well as you simply tap the screen to rise, and release to let go to try to collect the sparingly placed shapes while avoiding enemies. In stretches filled with enemies, you can tap the regenerative shield to blast enemies out of your way to keep your multiplier, and the beat intact. The one main problem is that one mistake of hitting an enemy ruins your score for the whole level, and it’s almost too difficult to perform a clean run. On top of the single player, you can also create and share your own levels, and it’s so easy as you create your own musical sheets to fly through.

Wave Trip ($1.99, Universal) is very creative and unique in such a finely crafted package. It’s just a wonderful experience to fly along creating music in expertly designed levels, and then you can create your own too. Wave Trip is a should buy that is like a finely crafted sonata.


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