Wayward Souls – What A Journey To Partake In

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 5/5

An expansive world to explore | Keep you coming back | Engaging arcade action

Feel like a bit of a grind | Still the same level structure


Wayward Souls has been a long time coming to the App Store, but it’s finally here with one deluxe offering for you. It delivers an intriguing juxtaposition of simplicity, and depth, while offering an RPG dungeon crawler infused with an action adventure style. The game is effortless to pick up, and start enjoying, but there are so many complexities to unearth as you explore the expansive environment. What really makes the game different is the procedurally generated random levels, so that no two games play exactly the same. There’s a huge source to draw from to create these worlds with 13 area types, over a hundred enemy types, and unique encounters.
The game gives you six different heroes to play as, with each one giving you a different strategy whether it’s the close combat of the warrior, the distant attacks of the mage, or others in between. The heart of Wayward Souls is battling enemies with fast paced action to earn loot, and get as far as you can. There’s a perma-death system, so you have to restart at the beginning each time, but you keep the loot you earn. That means you can buy upgrades for your heroes, and have that much better of a chance the next time out, a bit like Infinity Blade in that regard. The procedural level generation makes it relatively fresh, even as you battle in the beginning waves, time after time.

What Wayward Souls really excels at is making you care to keep coming back to make it that much further. You will want to constantly strive to beat certain bosses, reach certain upgrades, and unlock new heroes, and that’s a key to the whole game. There is some grinding to build up your character enough to get past certain areas, but that’s not all that it is. You will simply improve your gameplay skill each time, and better understand which hero suits your play style the best. It’s worth noting that while each level is randomly laid out, there’s still an identical overall structure in which level presents an ability upgrade, boss, or story based encounter.
There’s a little experimentation as you’re exploring, and the game presents a constant supply of engaging action. All of the action is controlled through smooth touch controls, whether it’s movement, or swipe attacks. The game is set-up for quick play throughs that anyone can enjoy, but it all comes down to all of the depth you can dive into. The game is literally huge in scope, and the more you play, the more you realize just how much there is to play through. You can get lost in the Wayward Souls rabbit hole, or simply enjoy the straight forward arcade combat of mashing through any monster in your way.

Wayward Souls ($4.99, Universal) offers engaging gameplay mixed with an expansive world to create a must buy iOS gaming experience.


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