Weathermob – Unique Weather App Like Waze & Instagram

3.0 Overall Score
Usability: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Brilliant idea | Weather with Instagram style | Outstanding design

Not many users at this point | Limited crowd to source from for weather data

App Info

APP NAME: Weathermob

DEVELOPER(S): Weathermob, Inc.

GENRE(S): Weather, Social

RELEASE DATE(S): November 29th, 2011

The one thing about weather is that it’s always changing, and the same can be said for weather apps. Weathermob is a relatively new app that presents a completely unique idea of making weather social. The app is a bit similar to Waze, that crowd-sources traffic information based on user reports, and Weathermob does the same thing for weather. There’s also similarities to Instagram as you can take photos of the weather conditions around you, and consistently post weather updates for your location. It’s also effortless to view other users’ weather posts near your current location.

The app also lets you describe the weather with icons to describe the amount of sun/clouds, the mood the weather creates, and the activities you can do with the current weather. The app home screen gives you the actual conditions as well as aggregated icons of the general feel for the icons. Weathermob comes with an extremely slick interface making it easy to see other user reports, post your own, and view every aspect of the app. There’s also an official eight day forecast and hourly forecasts to give you even more weather info.

Weathermob (Free, iPhone) is such a brilliant idea, and it’s executed wonderfully on the iPhone. You will love posting your own reports while reading others reports from around you. The only real problem or limitation is that there’s not that many users at this point. With any social app in the early stages, it’s not that useful until more users jump on board.

Weathermob is worth considering at this stage, and hopefully you’ll get in on the trend, and share it with others.


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