Whale Trail – An Endless Colorful Journey

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 3.5/5

Amazing design | Smooth and enjoyable gameplay | Tons of personality

Only one endless game mode | No form of checkpoints | A bit repetitive

Game Info

APP NAME: Whale Trail

DEVELOPER(S): ustwo Studio

GENRE(S): Action, Endless

RELEASE DATE(S): October 20th, 2011

The one touch casual endless genre is gaining traction with the outstanding games Tiny Wings and Mighty Fin. Whale Trail is the newest addition, and this time you control Willow the Whale flying through the air collecting bubbles, and avoiding storm clouds. You simply tap to rise, and let go to descend as you swoop up and down following the bubbles a whole lot like Mighty Fin, but in the air. The game is from ustwo Studio who is the team behind the amazing Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime, and Whale Trail is not to be confused with Tiny Whale, which is also an endless whale game. You can hold the screen to do a loop de loop, but the overall highlight is the design. The game is bursting with color, personality, and flair for an unrivaled overall experience.

You’re flying in beautifully designed skies with various backgrounds as you advance forward. The game features various lands that you fly to, but there are no checkpoints to pick up at a tougher stage the next time you play. Still though, it’s nice that you do travel, and each section is split up by a bonus trail of bubbles from a colorful monster. The game is bursting at the seams with style from each colorful bubble, to the rainbow trail of your whale. There is a fun loving soundtrack too, and the game will connect to you because of all the personality packed into every pixel.

As you’re collecting bubbles, you can also collect stars, and when you get enough it’s time for frenzy mode. Then you can suck up every bubble, and blast through the storm clouds for some major points. Speaking of points, you can build up your multiplier with every bubble you collect, but running into storm clouds lowers your multiplier, and decreases your bubble propulsion tank. The one touch gameplay is superb with such smooth controls, and the only real drawback is having only one endless mode. Mighty Fin is a good comparison as you get three game modes across 16 levels and environments which this game just can’t match. The overall style elements though are superb, and it definitely reminds you of Baby Monkey.

Whale Trail ($0.99, Universal) is another outstanding one touch gaming experience for iOS. The game is overloaded with style from graphics to audio, and the superb controls help out too. There’s nothing not to like with the entire experience, and the only drawback is that there’s not more of it. The one endless game mode can become repetitive, but that doesn’t mean you won’t thoroughly enjoy the game for the minimal price.

Whale Trail is a should buy that everyone can love shining, singing, and swimming on their iOS device.


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