Where’s My Mickey? – Brilliant Combination For A New Flow

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Bursting with personalty & charm | Can't get enough it | All new mechanics | Animated storyline

Comes to an end so soon | Not the greatest challenge if familiar with the first two


Disney has a top selling mobile game in Where’s My Water, and a global icon in Mickey Mouse, so what should be their next move? To make Where’s My Mickey of course, by introducing Mickey into the brilliant water physics puzzle gameplay. Disney could have just made a Mickey themed version of Where’s My Water, but Where’s My Mickey easily stands on its own as a brand new game by building upon the excellent base. The main difference is that Mickey isn’t underground like Swampy or Perry, and instead is above ground. That means there’s a whole new game mechanic that relies on clouds, wind, and rain to transport water around the all new levels. It’s a fresh take that opens up all new puzzle pathways to flow through.
There are 60 levels spread across three episodes at launch, and each level offers a new challenge as you suck up water into the cloud, letting it blow through, and then rain down on to Mickey’s spout. Each episode is a little animated story in its own right to give a backstory as to why Mickey needs water whether he’s starting a lemonade stand, putting out a flame, or growing a garden. Where’s My Mickey begins with an animated cut scene in each episode, and every level conclusion offers another brief amusing animation to continue the story until reaching the concluding level. All of the design work is based on the new animated Mickey shorts that feature a Mickey that calls back to his early days. It’s great to see the game in motion with a constant flow between levels and animated story to the point that Mickey is always on screen smoothly transitioning from level to level.

The most noticeable aspect of Where’s My Mickey is how engrossing it is, so that once you get started you will want to play through every single level. There’s a nice reward throughout thanks to a great amount of personality and charm infused into all of the little aspects of the game. Like Where’s My Water, there are three collectibles per level, and in this case it’s stars that show emotion based on if you fill them with water or not. There are just so many little things to appreciate, and through it all Disney has maintained the great water physics as well as intriguing puzzle set-ups in all new forms. The backstory and Mickey makes you want to keep going, and one of the only drawbacks is that you’ll go through the 60 included levels to fast, and then you’re left wanting more. Luckily, there is more with bonus levels, iPad specific enlarged levels, and Goofy’s story with 40 more levels for just $0.99.
The best part is that Where’s My Mickey transitions from just a game to a complete experience that can connect with anyone through the inviting set-up, smooth touch controls, and personality filled storyline. It’s just a treat the entire time that you’re playing, and you can’t wait to come across each new level. The main negative of the game is that there’s not the greatest challenge if you have played through Where’s My Water or Where’s My Perry. In fact, I was able to get three stars in one go on almost every level, just from what I’ve experienced in where’s My Water. You’re still digging to create a flow, using water based triggers, and even contending with an anti-water liquid with so many familiar elements used. There are the weather based nuances, but they don’t make for any true challenge, though that would be a different story if this is your first Where’s My game.

Wheres’ My Mickey ($0.99, iPhone / $1.99, iPad) delivers the total package that you just can’t get enough of making it a must buy for an endearing iOS experience. Also, get it on the iPad if you can, as the 20 extra XL levels are definitely worth it.


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