Where’s My Perry – Enhancing Existing Greatness

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

New lasers & pases of water | Same engaging puzzles | All new challenges | Enhanced animations

Always wanting more levels | Not that different from Where's My Water

Where’s My Water is such an excellent game, and was our best game of 2011. Where’s My Perry offers up similar gameplay, but tied to the Phineas & Ferb franchise starring Agent P, Perry the Platypus. You cut dirt with your finger to guide water to generators allowing Agent P to move through the transportation tubes. There are three gnomes in each level to try to collect, like the rubber ducks in Where’s My Water, so now you’re tri-gnomin’ instead of tri-duckin’. The same great water based physics puzzle gameplay is top notch, and more of it is definitely a good thing.

The highlight of Where’s My Perry is that Disney Mobile has introduced brand new puzzle mechanics with heat and ice lasers. Now you can deal with three stages of water with the liquid, solid, and gaseous form as you move between ice, water, and steam. The 80 different levels offer up unique challenges as compared to the original because of the lasers as you heat water into steam, or heat ice into water, and on the flipside freeze water into ice, or steam into water. In the later levels, there’s also liquid heat in the form of lava, and you will need to deal with Celebrate-inator that can suck away your water, but be destroyed with goop.

The game isn’t all that different, but the nuances make it feel like a brand new experience, and one that you will want to play through in its entirety. It does just enough to feel fresh, and you’ll end up loving tri-gnomin’ like you did tri-duckin’. There are also secret files to collect which unlock bonus levels. One interesting aspect is the design and animation engine seems subtly enhanced so there’s more detail to the flow of water including bubbles that pop up based on the force and churning nature of moving water. The game seems just a little bit more polished, and the Perry theme is instilled extremely well.

Where’s My Perry ($0.99, Universal) is a great addition to the Where’s My Water style, and is such a worthwhile experience for only a dollar. There’s virtually nothing not to like, and there’s just simply more of the great style to enjoy. The addition of lasers and new phases of water introduce all new puzzles allowing you to be familiar with the style, but still be challenged with the nuances.

Where’s My Perry is a must buy that is a steal for the price, and does Where’s My Water proud.

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