Where’s My Water – A Squeaky Clean Physics Puzzler

5.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Length: 5/5

The game is made for iOS | Outstanding design | Intricate and enjoyable gameplay

Could use an easier scroll mechanic | Comes to an end relatively soon

Game Info

APP NAME: Where’s My Water


GENRE(S): Physics, Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): September 22nd, 2011

There is the myth that alligators live in New York sewers, but not all like living in the grime. Swampy is a new Disney character made exclusively for mobile, and he’s an alligator who likes some aspects of human life including being clean. It turns out Swampy likes to bathe, but his shower pipes are broken, making him beg the question, “Where’s My Water?”. It’s up to you to help Swampy get his water, as you clear the path to direct the water to Swampy’s pipe. You dig the underground dirt to guide the water past algae and toxic sludge while dealing with switches, traps, and twisting pipes.

Where’s My Water? was made with iOS in mind, and the game fits so well on the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. You simply drag your finger to dig the dirt, and there is quite fine precision allowing you to snake the water through obstacles to the end point. In each level there are three rubber duckies, and you can collect them by having the water pass over them. The game includes an outstanding physics engine with a wonderful water particle effects system so that the water combines, splits, and spills over every angle of dirt, cement, and pipe. Also included is a wonderful cartoon art style that is definitely Disney-esque, which provides plenty of personality for Swampy.

The game comes from the developers of the Jelly Car series, and while it’s a different physics puzzle style, the game delivers the same amount of fun. Every level provides a unique design, and you’re never sure what to expect. In some levels you need to get rid of the toxic sludge, and others you need to use the sludge to clear out the algae. There are switches to turn, and multiple pipes to use to propel the water across gaps, and even through loops. Once you begin the first level, it’s tough to put the game back down, and you’ll enjoy each and every one of the 80 puzzles.

Where’s My Water? ($0.99, Universal) hits all the right notes for a squeaky clean release that is just bursting with charm and fun. There’s really nothing not to like about this physics puzzler, and it’s a game that can appeal to all ages. There is a brilliant difficulty curve, and all of the updates all of the updates have presented so many levels to enjoy. The three rubber ducky scoring system, and hidden objects in the dirt add to the replay factor nicely. On longer levels, you need to use a scroll bar to move the view, but a two finger swipe would have been so much better.

Where’s My Water? is an absolute must buy for the minimal price that you will love every minute of interacting with. The game is one of the best in the App Store, and it deserves a nice clean place on your iOS device.

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