Wonderputt – A Miniature Golfing Adventure

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Beautiful design & transitions | New take on Miniature Golf | Challenging & engaging

Only one course | Begs for more holes in the great style | No zoom options

Miniature Golf is a classic pastime, and it has translated well across various video game versions. There has yet to be a truly stand out miniature golf game for iOS, but that may change with Wonderputt. Rather than just being the traditional hole set-up, there’s one intrinsically designed world with multiple moving parts to create the 18 hole layout. The entire course is laid out on screen in one world, and it’s like an adventure to advance through all 18 holes.

Each hole is extremely imaginative as you putt across sand pits, through buildings, into Stonehenge, down ski slopes, and into waterfalls among others. There’s such a unique challenge as you move from hole to hole, and so much so that you have pars of six and seven strokes. The neatest part of the game is that each hole works together to unveil the next. The design is absolutely beautiful with such great artwork for the entire world with retina quality graphics. Then there are the brilliant animations as the world shifts to unveil the next hole.

One interesting aspect is that you never zoom in on any particular area, and instead play each hole looking at the entire course. The game is for iPad only, and perfectly fits the screen size. After playing through once, shooting for the lowest score, you unlock a rainbow mode with four rainbow pieces to collect on each hole. That provides bonus points, and an overall rainbow meter that adds to the replay factor nicely. There is only one course included, and it would be great to see more holes in this style, but there’s still an engaging nature to play through the course multiple times.

Wonderputt ($0.99, iPad) is such an imaginative take on Miniature Golf that provides a thoroughly engaging gaming experience. It’s just as gorgeous as it is challenging to make it a should buy that is the first truly stand out miniature golf game for iOS.


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4 Comments on "Wonderputt – A Miniature Golfing Adventure"

  1. aldwin September 14, 2012 at 5:57 PM -

    this game looks awesome, headed to the app store now.

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