Wooords – An Outstanding Imaginative Word Game

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Length: 4/5

Fun and challenging gameplay | Smooth controls and design

Can become repetitive like any word game | A bit simplistic

Game Info

APP NAME: Wooords

DEVELOPER(S): Stray Robot

GENRE(S): Word

RELEASE DATE(S): July 21st, 2011

Have you ever seen those colorful letter fridge magnets? If you have then you’ll instantly be familiar with Wooords where you use those fridge letters to spell out words. In each level you’re given nine letters with one special letter that you need to use in every word you make. You simply drag the letters to form the words, and you don’t need to be that precise to place the letters. They can be assorted just like those fridge magnet letters, and they just need to be close together with the other letters out of the way.

The game makes it easy to rearrange words, and flip out letters to create new words quickly. You want to keep forming new words consecutively to build your combo to really amplify your score. Wooords comes with three game modes highlighted by classic mode with 30 levels where you try to get a three star score by creating as many words as you can. There is also word jam which you try to reach the score goal in timing based levels. Finally, daily words gives you one new set of letters each day for potentially endless replayability.

Wooords is different than the many other word games already in the App Store. You try to make words quickly, and there are no tedious menus or keyboards to enter the words. It’s effortless to form words, and it’s a nice challenge as you need to use one certain letter in every single word you make. Then there are the challenges of the different modes where you try to get the three star score or beat the time.

Wooords ($0.99, Universal) is really a reinvention of the classic word game, and just fits the mobile touch screen so well. It’s so easy to control, and is perfect for pick up and play for short bursts or extended periods of time. The game is something you’ll keep coming back to with the challenge, and wonderful design.

For only $1, Woords is a should buy that is one of the best word games available in the App Store.


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