Word Monsters – Building Up A New Word Game Sensation

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4/5

Neat word gameplay | Quick turn based action | Specific set of challenges

Some off beat words | Multiplayer rounds blend together


It takes a lot to come up with a new social word game these days with so many ideas overused. Word Monsters is kind of a new idea as it’s actually an evolution of WordCollapse, with simply a new theme, and published by Rovio. The WordCollapse idea though is relatively unique, and the Word Monsters version introduces an extremely fleshed out multiplayer component. The main word game style revolves around dragging your finger across words vertically, and horizontally, and then watching the other letters collapse to form new words. Rather than a random collection of words, each game board has a particular theme with a specific set of words to find. It’s a bit like a word search combined with the match three Collapse style.
Word Monsters definitely stands out with the core mechanic, and it’s used in a lengthy single player campaign with multiple themes that you can play on bronze, silver, and gold difficulty. The multiplayer component is where the game shines, as it offers the Words with Friends style, but with all new gameplay. WordCollapse really lends itself to multiplayer since both players are playing the exact same board, allowing you to easily compare performance based on time in clearing the specific themed words. Also, each round can be played quickly with just a 60 second time limit which invites you to set-up multiple turn based matches at the same time. The backend server structure allows for great connectivity as you play five round matches. As an added bonus, there’s a league set-up, which pits you against similarly skilled players in your area to rank you based on win/loss percentage.

There’s a nice simplicity to the main game to make it as inviting as possible to provide for a large group of potential players. What starts out simple becomes plenty complex as you increase the difficulty, and unlock new themes. The heart of the gameplay is that it’s not just about finding the words, but you have to find them in specific order, so that the remaining letters cascade down to form the new words. You also have to deal with time limits, and there are some offbeat words in each theme that are also on the lengthier side. It’s just a fun word puzzle style that is perfectly suited for quick turn based multiplayer. The game is also free to play with coins, and cookies to be used to unlock new themes, outfit your avatar based monster, or use booster in a round.

Word Monsters (Free, Universal) is the most enjoyable social word game in recent memory that is a worthwhile download.


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